The TASK story

With over 30 years of off-road experience, founder Mike Westphal has been exploring the backroads and trails all across the U.S. With a long heritage of Jeep and ATV travels, Mike recently discovered the versatility of the SxS platform.

With the purchase of a Polaris RZR XPK, it quickly became apparent that this new vehicle offered a new set of options for back country fun. However, with this new acquisition came a new set of challenges. Not for riding, but for the times when the machine was not in use.

Living in a community that was part of a Home Owners Association, a standard trailer was not allowed to be visible on the property. This meant that the current off-the-shelf trailer solutions would need to be stored away from the house. The storage fees were high and so was the time needed to get the trailer in preparation for a ride. This was unacceptable and a better solution was needed. As an experienced designer and fabricator, Mike set out to create a solution that would solve the problem of how to store the combination of trailer and UTV in a typical garage with a 7’ door opening.

Through countless hours of research and design, development of several prototypes and thousands of miles of testing, came the new patent pending SS series of trailers offered here.