Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, due to the low profile design, it is important that the trailer sit level when coupled to the tow vehicle. Leveling of the SS series trailers can be accomplished through adjusting the height of the trailer coupler and/or using a drop ball mount.

We recommend a maximum UTV height of 74”, measured at it’s tallest point. This maximum height will work with most sport UTVs and a 7’ tall garage door height. Utility UTVs typically have cage heights taller than 74”.

We have designed both the SS-2 and SS-4 to be versatile platforms. The SS series will work with most track widths and wheelbases for both two and four seat sport machines. Check the specs tab for trailer dimensions.

We are currently prototyping a 4 seat trailer, known as the SS-4. Some of the challenges are creating a trailering solution that works with most sport UTVs but maintains a minimal footprint. We will update when the SS-4 is ready for production.

Beyond home storage, and the ability to service or make trip ready, the SS series trailers offers an extremely stout platform for getting your machine to the trails. We have towed our SS series trailers all over the country with no issues at all. The heavy duty construction of the trailer coupled with high quality tires have allowed for worry free travels.