Frequently Asked Questions

We set out to design a UTV specific trailer that could be stored at home, loaded! We were tired of paying for storage fees, having weather deteriorate our off-the-shelf trailer, having to plan our schedules around storage lot hours and worrying about theft or damage.

Prior to developing the TASK SS Series trailers, a typical weekend of riding went something like the following. Get off work early on Thursday and rush to the storage lot (expensive) to pick up the trailer before they closed (time consuming) hoping everything is ok with the trailer. Get home and park the trailer in the street or driveway, neither of which was allowed by the HOA or local ordinances (risky). Head off to work Friday hoping one of the neighbors doesn’t call the authorities about the trailer (again, possibly expensive). Home from work on Friday and rush around getting everything loaded, tied down and ready for the road (frustrating and time consuming). After the weekend of riding, reverse the entire process!

With the TASK trailers, load up and be ready to leave when YOU want to. Simply back up to the garage, couple up to the SS trailer and head off to the trails. The best part is when the ride is over, back the combination into the garage and worry about it another day!

We recommend a maximum UTV height of 74”, measured at its tallest point. This maximum height will work with most sport UTVs and a 7’ tall garage door height. Utility UTVs typically have cage heights taller than 74”. We have had success with 75” tall UTVs by compressing the suspension with ratchet straps.

With many customers adding custom cages to their machines and certain manufacturers making low profile UTVs, we are seeing much lower UTV heights these days. This is beneficial as we have a few different options to incrementally raise the height of the trailer, adding ground clearance, while still allowing for the UTV/SS Series trailer combination to fit in the garage. By selecting the optional axle spacers the trailer height can be raised by 2.5”. Additionally, we can adjust the trailer height by modifying the axle’s torsion arm angle based on your UTV’s actual height. 

One of the design goals in creating the SS Series Trailers was to create a footprint that was as small as possible. If you have a UTV with a width of 64”, or less, you may opt for the “nt” series. This series reduces the overall trailer width by 8”, which in a single car garage can make a big difference. The “wt” series will accommodate widths up to 76”. Even if you have a 64” wide machine you may wish to choose the “wt” if you plan to add wider wheels/tires.

We have designed the SS Series trailers to be a versatile platform. The SS Series will work with most track widths and wheelbases of two and four seat sport machines. Check the specs tab for trailer dimensions.

We designed the trailers to work with most tow vehicles. The Pro and Elite Series offer standard 5 position adjustable couplers and electric brakes. Adjust the coupler to the height of your ball mount, add a brake controller and you’re set. With the Sport Series, a drop ball mount might be required. It should be noted that the SS Series trailer should sit level when coupled to the tow vehicle for best performance. Always check manufacturers tow ratings for your vehicle.

Yep, we build them to last. Far superior to any off-the-shelf utility trailer, we employ the best materials and construction methods. We had to. With a low profile trailer like ours, occasionally you will drag the tail. Through tens of thousands of miles logged on our trailers, all we have found is some scratched powder coat, no structural damage.

If you are not purchasing from one of our dealerships, we can ship directly to you. Shipping varies by location. We have developed several shipping options and can discuss those with you at time of order. You also have the option to pick your trailer up directly from us.

We are located in Topeka, KS. Completed trailers can be shipped anywhere in the country (additional shipping fees apply) or picked up from our office. As we like to say around here, “we are half way to everywhere”, so it does help with freight. 

As we offer so many variations of our SS Series platform, we currently only build to order. From order placement to a trailer ready to ship is roughly 4-6 weeks. 

We have noted a possible issue with Dynamix equipped Polaris UTVs loaded on our TASK Series trailers. The issue occurs when the Dynamix is set on its firmer settings. What tends to happen as the UTV suspension cycles on the trailer during transport, is the stance of the UTV will actually increase in height. This is due to the shocks not allowing the suspension to compress which will produce an increased overall trailer/UTV height. This increased height could produce a situation where you left the garage under 84″ and return from your trip with a height that is greater than 84″. This could cause the cage on your UTV to hit the garage structure. Our suggestion is to load your Dynamix equipped UTV in the softest setting and leave it set there. This will lesson the chance of the height increasing. Owners should check heights to understand how their UTVs are affected by this suspension system. 

Loading and unloading a TASK SS Series trailer is an easy procedure. We suggest the following when loading and unloading:  

• Set the parking brake on your tow vehicle for both loading and unloading.

• Use 4wd low range on your UTV when loading and unloading.

• Use a smooth, rolling driving style when loading and unloading.

• It’s best to have the SS Series trailer level when loading and unloading.

We suggest a check of lug nuts and coupler fasteners at the first 50 miles of usage. Lug nut torque should be between 90-120 ft. lbs. Sport Series coupler fasteners should be torqued to 65 ft lbs. Pro and Elite Series coupler fasteners should be torqued to 110 ft. lbs.